DNA – God’s craftsmanship

Irreducible complexity amplified, 1 pico gram of DNA can store 700 Terabytes of information, amazing isn’t it. Then consider this, quoted from a scientific source “On the basis of his findings he (a certain molecular biologist) introduced the concept checkpoint, which means that the cell cycle is arrested when DNA is damaged. The purpose of this is to allow time for DNA repair before the cell continues to the next phase of the cycle.” In the event a repair is needed, a particular enzyme called editase is encoded by a unique gene in order for the enzyme to perform it’s work, that of editing and facilitating repair of the DNA. Each encoding is specific to only that blueprint, no other. One could logically liken this to spellcheck in a software application only much more incredibly complex. Entering into the laws of probability it is a virtual impossibility for this incredibly complex biological system to have come about by chance or evolution. Only a superintelligent and omnipotent creative being could have created this complexity. Friends we all have cause to worship and give thanks to an Almighty creator we affectionately call God. Amen.